Conley’s Lobster Sweater – 3 Styles

#1 Lobster & Black – Rock ’n‘ Roll 

So just to rock my all time fave sweater and mixing it with stuff I have been wearing for ages here is the first post.
#2 Lobster & Red – casual 

and a tad more elegant with those gray glittery pants mixed with the same jacket again that I wore at Frankfurt fashion fair a few weeks ago:
#3 Lobster & Glitter – elegant

Which one do you like best? Thanks for stopping by and follow me on bloglovin!
Jacket: Stefanel
Sweater: Conleys
Jeans: G Style
Boots: Airfild
Bag: GGL „Slumber Party“
Parka: Wellenstein
Hat: Barts
Pants: Stefanel
  1. I LOVE your lobster sweater! I'm not much for the usual animals that women are wearing on their chests these days, but your lobster instantly reminds me of the famous Schiaparelli Lobster Dress … but this is just fun. Pretty with your gray trousers!
    Happy New Year!

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