Happy 2014…

Welcome to 2014 and great to see you!
I just love January 1. Ever since spending new year’s eve with a six pack of beer in the backyard of a Victorian mansion in San Francisco’s triangle district with some friends I have felt its not really what you do but with whom you do it that really matters. We stayed at home, had some champagne and oysters just like we always do (I love rituals) and went into the city to watch the fireworks along the Main river here in Frankfurt. 

Today I will probably have slept in late, being not really a morning person and we are gonna go for a walk in the park later on and what some movies. Just the way I like starting the new year… This saying I found at my former alma mater, at UCSD which I think is really inspiring. „To be the person you wanto to meet“ is some idea for 2014.

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